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M1020 Programmable Limit Switch Specifications



Power Requirements: AC Power: 105-135 VAC, 60Hz, 45W
Operating Temperature:  -10°F to +130°F(-23°C to +55°C)
System Resolution: 
10 Bits
Scale Factor: 
Fixed, 359
Programmable, 0 to 359
Scan Time: 
Setpoint Dependant (430 ps max.)
Position Signal: 
AVG Automation's Series RL100, E713, E8R, or RL101 resolvers
Cable Length Between Resolver and M1020: 
2500 ft. (762 m) shielded
-to-Digital Decoder Tracking Speed: 380 RPM with 1° Resolution


Program Enable:

Needs to be tied to common (common pin is provided) to enable programming. Programming is disabled if this input is left open.

Types of Outputs:

8 PLS outputs, activated according to the user-enteredsetpoints (1 setpoint per channel). The available output types

Electromechanical SPST relay:
10 A, resistive, continuous @ 120 VAC

Solidstate relays:
1.  AC output:  120 VAC @ 3 A
       ON time:  < 3 ms after zero cross
         OFF time:  At zero cross
         Leakage: 2.1 mA @ 120 VAC
     2.  DC output:  Up to 60 VDC @ 3 A
         ON time:  5 µs
         OFF time:  35 µs
Leakage:  0.29 mA @ 15 VDC
     3.  DC output:  Up to 200 VDC @ 1 A
         ON time:  15 µs
         OFF time:  100 µs
         Leakage:  < 0.01 mA @ 30 VDC

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