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M1750 PLS Specifications

Input Power:
    105-135 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 50 W exclusive
    of load (Optional 220 VAC)
Operating Temperature:
    -10°F to 130°F (-23°C to 55°C)
Position Transducer: 
    Resolver, AVG Automation's series
    RL100, E7R, E8R, and RL101 or Absolute Digital
    Encoder, AVG Automation's DigiSolver part
System Resolution: 
    I° or 0.36°
Resolver-to-Digital Decoder Tracking Speed: 
    1800 RPM
Offset Range: 
    Adjustable 0 to full revolution 
Offset Entry: 
    From front panel with thumbwheels or external input 
        High-Logic:  TRUE 
        Logic FALSE:  0-1 VDC 
        Logic TRUE:  4.5-5 VDC 
        Format:  10- or 12-lines. 
        Current draw:  <1 mA 
Offset Connector: 
    Unit comes with MS3110F-14-19P.
The mating receptacle MS3116F-14-19S
is to be wired and supplied by customer.
Maximum Cable Length from Resolver to M1750:
2500 feet shielded

Number of Output Channels Per Chassis: 
    8 or 12 standard
Maximum Number of Output Channels Per Transducer:
    48, (6 x 8-channel or 4 x 12-channel
    chassis in parallel)
Output to Secondary Chassis or other External Devices:
    Format:  10 or 12-line BCD, High-Logic TRUE; 
    Logic TRUE:  2.5 V drop @ I mA source current 
    Logic FALSE:  0.4 VDC @ 2.4 mA sink current.
Output Inhibit: 
    Dry contact closure between C & D
    will disable all the outputs.
ModZ Reset Signal:
    Dry contact closure or logic level low (0 to I VDC).

    1 NO + 1 NC relay contacts rated
    at 10 A (resistive) at 125 VAC
    3 A, 120 VAC, solid-state AC module,
    max ON voltage: 1.5 V, turn ON time: 150 µs (typ.); turn
    OFF time: 8 ms (typ.); leakage: 10 mA (max)
    2 A, 3-40 VDC, solid-state DC module,
    max. ON voltage: 1.5 V, turn ON time: 15 µs (typ.); turn
    OFF time: 100 µs (typ.); leakage: 100 mA (max.)
    Low leakage (<0.1 mA) AC/DC
    solid-state module, 135 VAC (rms) @ 0.35 A or 190
    VDC (max) @ 0.5 A, turn ON voltage: 3 V, turn ON time:
    10 µs (typ.) turn OFF time:
    100 µs (typ.) leakage: 100 mA (max.)

M1750 PLS Diagram

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